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RockStock 2018

ROCKSTOCK 2018 is quickly approaching; only three days away. It’s crunch time! There are still many details that need tweaking to make this the best ROCKSTOCK yet! But, how did this whole thing get started, anyway? Believe it or not, it started as a joke.

Musicians and fans alike have been talking about doing a local two-day festival for years. Previous festivals of this kind have fallen by the wayside much to the disappointment to area residents and musicians alike. So, out of frustration, and to make a joke, I posted on Facebook, “I’ll just make my own music festival with local bands, music, and everything!”

What happened next really shocked me! I started being contacted by local bands that wanted to be a part of this new festival. Not only was I hearing from bands, I was being contacted by sound people offering to supply PA systems with sound. Many more contacted me offering advice and assistance on getting this festival put together. I soon realized what I thought was a joke could actually be pulled off simply because THE PEOPLE wanted it. Yes…bands, fans, vendors, EVERYONE wanted to have this festival.

Next came the hard part of deciding where this festival could be held. It had to be a large, established, central location. There were so many choices as we are surrounded by several large area cities including Kansas City, Topeka, Manhattan, St. Joseph, and Lawrence. Luckily, I stumbled onto the perfect spot in Atchison, Kansas. Schemer Entertainment has been putting on similar types of events since the 1970s at a place called “Old Doniphan”. I met with this group and they were able to help me shape up what would indeed become ROCKSTOCK! Finally, we had a fantastic place to showcase regional talent bands who could play in the open air arena of “Old Doniphan” in front of all the fans.

The most important part of our idea was we didn’t care what genre of music these bands were into, we interviewed them all.
In all honesty this was the easiest part of getting this festival together. We already had so many bands offering to play, we actually had almost more than we could handle.

Finally, it was time for my “joke” to become a reality. ROCKSTOCK was born and it was awesome! The turn-out was excellent, the bands rocked it, and we made tons of life-long friends along the way.

Coming into our second year, we used our lessons learned from the year before. As we began lining up our bands, I decided to contact my friend, Jason Schuyler of Facemelt Logistics and invited him to join us. We were able to bring in some regional bands (“Within the Giants Reach” and “Dr. Dick Ramirez”) and we were able to book our first national band, “Hail Sagan”. We are so grateful they are playing with us this year.

With our team now well established, we were able to add Jake Dynamite Turner from “All Jack’D Up” channel as our MC this year. He brings a little crazy with him, but hey, that’s what festivals are: crazy.

This has brought us to now…three days away from ROCKSTOCK 2018. There are still many details to get through to make this year the BEST! I can tell you one thing for sure; you will not forget your ROCKSTOCK experience! Two days of 20+ bands with free camping and parking, all ages, and much more all for only $15!

Come on over to Atchison, Kansas May 25th, join our family, support something exceptional, and make some incredible memories.
See ya there!

-Jeff “The Big Cheese” Petersen

RockStock 2018

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