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Uncategorized - September 24, 2018

Questions to BNSF

In the biodiesel proposal the city council is discussing today, a number of questions quickly come to mind. We’ve been asking questions and getting very little answers. Here are the questions we asked to verify Mr. Hirson’s claims regarding BNSF. Chevron responded that they are are looking into the matter:

“OK. Let me reach out to those involved. I know and little about this project. We operate on 32,500 miles of track in 28 states and three Canadian provinces. Lots going on.”

Mr. Williams:

Tuning Fork has some questions to clarify BNSF’s role in a proposed renewable biodiesel plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1. Does BNSF or any of its subsidiaries, have a contract or option in place to purchase land and/or property from Performance Biofuels and/or from Steve Gage, and/or from Riverbend Biodiesel, LLC, and/or from Max Bottorff, and/or from Geoffrey Hirson, St. Joseph Renewable Fuels, Powerdyne, Inc., Powerdyne Renewable Fuels, USA Green Energy Group, LLC, and/or any other firms with whom Mr. Hirson claims ownership, presidency or association?

2. Three representatives from BNSF addressed the St. Joseph Planning Commission August 23, 2018 in support of Mr. Hirson’s proposed renewable biodiesel plant project and his request the City of St. Joseph vacate a two-block stretch of Monterrey Street. Can you clarify the nature of BNSF’s business relationship to Geoffrey Hirson and/or any of the firms with whom Mr. Hirson claims ownership, presidency or association?

3. Does BNSF have an interest in the vacation of Monterrey Street in St. Joseph independent of Mr. Hirson’s project?


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