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Hirson Out as CEO of Riverbend Biodiesel

Did Someone Mention Concerns About Lawsuits?


Tuning Fork has learned from multiple sources, and we’re not surprised, that Geoffrey Hirson is no longer CEO of Riverbend Biodiesel.

In Geoffrey Hirson’s opening statement to the Saint Joseph Planning Commission August 23, 2018, he presented himself as the “owner and developer of St. Joseph Renewable Fuels, as well as Riverbend Biodiesel, two separate businesses completely. So, the application tonight is for St. Joseph Renewable Fuels.”

Here’s a copy of a recent default judgement in the amount of $133,182.88 against Riverbend Biodiesel, LLC in the 31st Circuit Court, Greene County, Missouri in the matter of Environmental Works, Inc. vs. Riverbend Biodiesel, LLC.

If it looks like a train wreck, and smells like a train wreck, it’s probably a train wreck.


Update: October 19, 2019, 5:45 PM

On Facebook, we received a comment on this story asking if we know who is now behind the request to expand the biodiesel plant. We replied that it is unclear to Tuning Fork, as is whether the application is even valid. Here is a PDF of the application that was submitted to the Planning Commission at their meeting August 23. This document was included among many in the agenda packet for the evening.

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