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Featured - Local News - July 13, 2018

Corby South: Above The Pond

By Clint Wiederholt and Todd Ward

Corby Pond attracts all kinds of people for several reasons, walkers, hikers, fisherman, dog walkers and tons of other reasons to visit the gem in the middle of St. Joseph. The most secluded and interesting part of Corby Pond may be the trail immediately south of the pond. It winds back and forth in a wooded area sitting right above the pond, ending with a trail that creeps along the water’s edge following the contours of the terrain.

If you like hiking a short trail, there isn’t a much better place in St. Joe. The trail has quick turns and heavy wooded areas as well as breaking into clearings. The view just above the pond on the last leg of the path is the most visually stimulating. You’ll walk a mere couple feet above the water occasionally finding openings with small accesses to the water. If you are into running the results are much the same, with several short bursts and quick turns it keeps you on your toes and can be a good challenge. It is a nice length for running as well as you aren’t committed to a terribly long run by entering and you can also keep running in surrounding areas after finishing the trail if you are wishing for a longer run.

Mountain biking is also quite good on this particular trail, while it clocks in at about 2.75 miles and can be a little short it is easily paired with Corby North trail for a nice 5 mile ride. The quick turns on Corby South keep you from getting a full head of steam most times as you have to constantly prepare for the winds and turns of the path. Some areas are depressed into the ground making for a cozy ride in the foliage and several small optional log jumps are present as well. The lane is always well maintained here and you seldom encounter fallen trees that aren’t quickly cleared. The heavy traffic keeps weeds down and it is very shaded so it is an easy trail to work in on sunny days as well. Along with the Girl Scout trail, Corby South is one of the finer times that can be spent outdoors in town.

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