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A Person You Should Know: Drew Phillips

Person You Should Know: Drew Phillips of Rumours Salon

by: Danny R. Phillips

Drew Phillips is many things: artist, musician, cosmetologist, writer, my daughter. I believe art is essential to life, it is the muse that at times, make this life bearable. Drew is the embodiment of this philosophy; she embraces art in all its forms, turns her back to doubters and lives the life she chooses, how she chooses. The Rumours Salon phenom and I sat in my downtown apartment to discuss music, the joys of art and why she chose hair as a career.

TF: How does creating art make you feel?
DEP: It makes me feel good, like I’ve accomplished something; to complete something is great, I don’t finish much outside of art. (laughs) Creating art is very calming to me; it’s like I get into a zone and can block the world out. It’s like that when I do hair too.

TF: Why did you pick cosmetology as a career?
DEP: I worked a Bliss Salon for awhile and I really enjoyed the environment & the people I’ve met that are involved in the hair industry. At Bliss, I got to watch how things work, they let me color their hair once. That got me really interested and I decided it was something I wanted to do. Basically, doing hair and nails is an art form and I’ve always liked to explore all forms of art.

TF: What is it about cutting men’s hair that you prefer over women’s?
DEP: When a woman comes in, they know what they want. Like they’ll tell me “I want an inch off in layers.” It’s like the same hair cut over and over. With guys, it’s different every time. Some cuts are more challenging than others.

TF: Any plans to attend barber school?
DEP: When I get the funds, I’d love too. I have this dream of someday owning my own tattoo and beauty shop. I place where I could do both.

TF: How can a person that can barely GET a tattoo want to GIVE a tattoo?
DEP: (laughs) I like that question Dad, put it in there just like that.

TF: So, you want to tattoo? Who would you like to apprentice with?
DEP: Overall, Jesse James. I’ve wanted for a long time to apprentice under Jesse. I’ve grown up around him; he’s been a big influence in my life because he was one of the first people I knew that did art as a job and that’s hard to do. But in St. Joe, based on their work I think it would be Jay Painter (of Independent Tattoo) he uses a lot of bold color and I think that’s what I’d be doing.

TF: Here’s a question just for me: Your Mother and I were terrible parents, what did we do right?
DEP: You both encouraged my weirdness and probably caused some of it. (laughs) I wouldn’t say you were terrible parents, you didn’t beat me so that’s dope… (laughs)

TF: Let’s discuss music. Who is your all-time favorite artist?
DEP: Of my generation? Miley Cyrus. The best as a performer and human… gotta be Dave Grohl. But in general it’s Jimi Hendrix or the Beatles. I really like “Michelle” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”
I’m into true crime stuff and “Maxwell’s” is like a horror story with a little bounce to it.

TF: What was the worst part about being a good artist when you were in school?
DEP: Oh my God, it was everyone wanting me to draw their assignments and anytime we had it make something for Homecoming or whatever, I never got to do the easy part like the tissue paper or whatever, I had to design, draw and build the main part. If we had an art assignment that was a little too hard, I had everyone in the class asking for my help. It got old. (laughs)

TF: When did you realize you were good at music?
DEP: About four months into band. At first I wanted to break my flute in half, I couldn’t play at all. Then I just could. I still remember most of my stuff from marching band. I’d like to be in a band but who needs a flute in a rock band? (laughs)

I will close out this piece with the words of St. Joe tattoo and music legend Jesse James: “If you’re a guy and you get a haircut from anyone other than Drew, you’re stupid.”
Well put Jesse. I could not agree more.

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